<< back Aspen DUI hearing in 1981 of Hunter S. Thompson. Sterling Greenwood, a former investigative reporter/columnist for Scripps-Howard in Memphis, had only months earlier blown into Aspen after a divorce, to reside initially with Aspen Daily News publisher Dave Danforth at Smuggler Trailer Park. then in his car parked behind what is now The Aspen Store. Greenwood covered the Thompson DUI story for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver , another Scripps-Howard paper. He also worked during this time period for the Aspen Daily News variously as contributor, distributor, associate editor and editor. After the hearing which cleared Thompson of the DUI charge, Greenwood and Thompson went bar hopping for several hours, winding up at the Hotel Jerome where Greenwood, by then in an extreme state of chemical inconvenience -- from alcohol and iboga extracts -- phoned in his story from one of the old phone booths which used to be in the hotel's lobby when the Jerome was a dump.For a fuller, more colorful account of the day's events, see "A Gentlemen for Justice Luncheon with Dr. Hunter S. Thompson" uploaded to www.aspenfreepress.com from Aspen Free Press street edition headlined "Breakfast with Hunter."

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Hunter S. Thompson Fiery Funeral Blastoff Photo, click here -- Aspen Free Press photo by Karen Day

Hunter S. Thompson Friends Say Hollywood Hijacked Funeral, click here -- Aspen Free Press story by Sterling Greenwood

Hunter S. Thompson Shoots Self to Death Today -- click here. An Aspen Free Press "EXTRA" street edition Feb. 20, 2005, which apres skiers slumped on bar stools read in stunned disbelief all over town.

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